Inverter Controlling System

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Inverter Controlling System

After selecting the appropriate model for the installation conditions, the speed of all 18 devices can be collectively controlled by the inverter controller.

Product Explanation

* Choose appropriate product for installation conditions.

* The power ball controller is a set with multiple power balls.

* It is possible to use up to 18 units by installing 9 units each on the left and right sides of the power ball

* Controls the bidirectional speed of the entire power ball through the controller switch of the controller

* Safe and efficient operation of personnel and cables during installation possible

Product Specification

Specification Capacity Weight Twisted-pair Ball The number of Acceptable lines
Three-phase 220V 3.7kW 16.0KG TMD-220-OP 18 lines
TTB-230-OPⅡ 18 lines
TTB-MINI-OP 18 lines
TTB-mini-Vertical type 18 lines
TTB-400-4WD/OP 9 lines
TTB-250-OP 9 lines